MSA Council

President A. Peter Ekeh MD
President Elect Peter T. Hallowell MD
Secretary David Linz MD
Treasurer Abdelkader Hawasli MD
Recorder Jonathan Saxe MD
ACS Board of Governors Representative William C. Cirocco MD
ACS Advisory Council for General Surgery Matthew Chung MD
Immediate Past President Ashraf Mansour MD
Past President 1 Jeffrey M. Hardacre MD
Past President 2 David R. Farley MD
MSA Foundation President Nicholas J. Zyromski MD
Councilor Gabie Ong MD
Councilor Tarik Wasfie MD
Councilor Michael Valente MD
Councilor Gerard Abood MD
Councilor Amy Banks-Venegoni MD
Councilor Barrett Kielhorn MD
Councilor Faaiza Vaince MD
Councilor Theodor Asgiersson MD
Councilor Scott Steele MD, MBA
Membership Chair Saad Shebrain MD
Program Chair Christopher Brandt MD
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Timothy Pawlik MD, PhD, MPH, MTS, MBA
Historian Richard A. Berg MD
Local Arrangements Chair William Cirocco MD & Alexandria Glen MD

If you have any questions or inquiries for the officers, please contact the Midwest Surgical Association at